Detroit+Toronto Symposium 2013

…and Toronto the Good (a party)

Oct. 25th, 2013 @ the Carlu, Toronto, Register online (cost: $90).

ERA Architects, in collaboration with the College For Creative Studies / Detroit Creative Corridor Center and the Detroit Economic Growth Corporation would like to invite you to participate in a symposium titled Drivers for Healthy Cities, to be held at the Carlu in Toronto on October 25th.  The day-long event will include participants from both Toronto and Detroit and will be followed by Toronto the Good – an annual party hosted by ERA, Spacing Magazine, and other partners.

There are strong historic ties between these two cities, not least of which include their shared positions on the great lakes, Detroit’s Canadian roots, and their combined roles in fostering the most active seat of trade between our two nations. For most of the 20th century Detroit was Toronto’s dominant neighbour, renowned as a leader in design, architecture, innovation, wealth generation, industry, music and culture, and recognized for its diverse and multi-cultural population.

Our cities have much to learn from each other.

The programme will include morning and afternoon sessions, with presentations by invited speakers from both Detroit and Toronto, followed by a panel discussion. We are asking presenters and panelists to describe what they believe the key drivers might be to make their city healthy and vibrant.  Participants will include developers, entrepreneurs, politicians, city staff, and innovators speaking in four key areas:

  • Property, investment, city building
  • Heritage, culture, urban design
  • Development, economy, infrastructure, politics
  • Innovation, creativity, the future city

This symposium proposes to present the similarities and not the differences between our two very distinct cities.  Our goal is to gain greater understanding of what unites cities and to develop strategies and create opportunities for potential collaboration between Toronto and Detroit.

Delegates will be invited on guided tours of local development or other Toronto sites the day before the Symposium.


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